My Etsy Addiction, Spotlight on MilliLee Designs| Monroe, Littleton, Woodsville NH, SaintJohnsbury, WellsRiver, NorthEast Kingdom VT|Baby Photographer

I first discovered MillieLee Designs while doing one of my many “window shopping” afternoons on Etsy. I fell head over heals for her beautiful creations. The dresses were simple with a flare and the patterns classic and gorgeous. Something I look for when shopping for my girls. Did I mention Milli Lee’s dresses are also Organic? Organic, made in America and supporting a small business, love it!!! Etsy is the place I shop first when I am on the look-out for everyday clothes that also photograph well and I can hand down from girl to girl. I am not a “trendy” Mommy, sometimes this disapoints my girls, but I think they will grow an appreciation for all things classic and timeless. There seriously isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t get compliments on the girls’ appearences. Comfortable, yet beautiful is my standard. Yes, my girls are allowed to play in the mud, go barefoot and climb trees, just not in Etsy treasures. lol.

Here are just some of the gorgeous creations you will find in Milli’s shop…

One of my beautiful clients.. she was just a few weeks old when I first photographed her. My, how the time has flown!

All hair accessories are also products made from love found at Etsy. Support the small businesses and Moms who put so much love and their talent into each of these products. You really do get what you pay for and I choose to do my part in supporting small business women like myself. 🙂

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