It’s about time.. HS Senior Portrait Information, Class of 2016 Monroe NH HS Senior Photographer Around The Bend Photography

Is it me, or is this year moving faster then last? Before I knew it, March is in full swing.

If you’ve been a follower of mine, you may know I would have chosen my newest Senior reps to help me get the word out about my studio. Read on and see why that’s all changed.

In January, I attended a HS Senior Photography conference. I once again, entered a few of my past seniors and scored well and brought home another Award Of Excellence. I am confident, my HS Senior Portrait Sessions and Photography are right on track to my own high standards. It was scary to be judged by some incredibly high standards and wonder what your score will be. I’m not going to lie and say I knew I would be awarded again. It’s different each time, new judges and amazing talent I’m grouped with. My goal when I attend any conference is to learn and incorporate the knowledge into my studio. It can be overwhelming and give you a sense of just how hard it is to keep up with this ever-changing industry.

Looking back to last year, in the middle of photographing babies, children, families, sports and school pics, I managed to photograph almost 80 HS Seniors from July-early November. I’m still unsure how I managed to photograph, design, prepare orders, frame and run the business side while a full time mom to 3 active girls. I’m tired just thinking of it. lol.

When the New Year started, I was really unsure if I could do it again at last year’s pace. I sometimes felt like I wasn’t able to keep the service level of my business up to the high standards I have. Each order is beautifully packaged and each wall portrait hand framed and each product is custom designed. It’s a lot of hours after the actual photographing that is put into each session.

One thing I felt I was missing towards the end was the enjoyment of it all. I was tired, overwhelmed and overworking myself. I knew something had to change.

This year, photographing 10-15 senior reps before April seemed like a project I just could not undertake. Especially since launching, Evolution Sports, a division of my studio, creating dynamic sports images and extreme banners for competitive athletes, sports teams and leagues. Every year, I’ve had to turn down a bunch of outstanding reps because I could’t find the room in my program for more then 2 per school. It wasn’t a good feeling. I decided I would love for each Senior to have the opportunity to be a rep and have the chance to earn their portraits like reps of the past have done.

I had a few Moms email me asking how early they should book their sessions and how much they had heard about me and did their research and explored their choices. Their positive words and excitement, gave me the encouragement I needed to hear. Even without my amazing reps, my Senior business would be ok. Even more then that, I know by cutting back on the number of Senior Portrait Sessions I allow myself to book, I can create even more dynamic, quality images from a Senior Session Experience I look forward to giving. I can continue to design amazing, heirloom products my seniors and their parents brag about and service my clients they way I know every client deserves. <3 Along with my January Conference, I am investing in another May conference. The mentors they have lined up, are some of the best photographers in the industry and since I've been to this event twice and each time have been able to come back and evolve my work, I knew I could not pass this by. I honestly put my money where my mouth is and educate, educate, educate. Even after 7 yrs, my education is always important, especially to my clients. <3 Anyway.. it's time. It's time to start thinking about Senior Portraits! I have already begun to book for APRIL! Each year the season starts earlier and earlier. Book early, even if it's for a July-August Session. I am limiting my seniors to two slots per week. That is it! If you want quality, modern senior portraiture, if you want to celebrate your accomplishments and love for sports or music, drama or art... we know how to do it! Look and compare and invest without regret. Your time is important and every year, I photograph Seniors who had already been photographed by a friend, family member or someone they thought would give them good images. Do your research. Cheaper or more expensive, it's your time and money, choose wisely. We're just about through with our all-new information guide. Labor of love <3 [caption id="attachment_1003" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]Seniors Seniors [/caption]

Sammi is a Five Time Award Winning, Published Photographer. Member of PPA and Professional Design Artist.

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